We help Jesus-loving small business owners like you:

  • Be established in the word of God
  • Be empowered to sell well with YOUR words

FREE: Discover the ONE Statement that SELLS so you can spend less time and energy wondering what to say and more time making an impact that goes beyond what you sell.


Ever feel like you have a lot to say, but no idea how to say it?

You've found your purpose and you're ready to go above and beyond to serve your clients, but there's one problem: They still don't "get" the value of your work and you just don't know what else you need to be talking about in order for them to take the next step with you (aka buying from you or booking you).

Maybe your entrepreneurial journey looks like one of these scenarios:

  • Trying so hard to prove to people that your stuff is “worth” the price tags
  • Hearing crickets no matter how much free content you give 
  • Feeling scattered in your marketing and messaging
  • Not knowing how to sell your products/services while sounding authentic 

Grab your free guide to learn how to simplify your message and craft words that people get. 


The One Statement that Sells 

No matter your audience size or "where" you show up to market your biz. In this guide you'll discover:

The #1 Mistake

When it comes to selling and talking about your services/products.

Why people buy

So that you can leverage the tried-and-true sales principles without showing up for the sake of showing up.

YOUR powerful statement

That serves as a compass, guiding your communications so you always know what to say and how.

So what's Your Faith Project?

It's a sales and copywriting training specifically for believers because we believe so deeply in the power of doing biz with God and that sales is all about guiding people to make a decision that's best for them! 

It's time to transform the way you approach sales, copy, and marketing so you can grow your revenue and relationships with God and others while feeling good in the process!

Faith = complete trust and confidence in God. 

Project = intentional work.

We want to show you that it’s through worship and work that we get to deepen our relationships with God and others, which in turn will build a business that fulfills your heart (and bottom line).

Equal parts worship and words, we're on a mission to not just empower you to make more sales, but to equip you with biblical resources and LEGIT, tried-and-true communications strategies so you can step into boldness and connect with the right people faster and better than ever before! 

If you’re in this biz thing for the long haul, and you desire a loving, smart community to support you along the way, stick around. You can also join our waitlist so you will be the first to know when we reopen Your Faith Project again. 


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